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    Gerald and Sons Restoration is located in northen Indiana just 30 minutes south of South Bend.

    Starting out as Gerald’s hobby, Model ‘A’ restorations became a full time business in 1981. The three sons, Branden, Brad and Bruce, grew up in the business. They helped after school pushing brooms and sanding rims. Everyone got to know the inside and outside of Henry Ford’s Model ’A’. Every year there were swap meets, Model ’A’ shows and auctions to attend. At a very young age, the sons could tell the difference between an early ’31 and a late ‘31 Model ‘A’.

    Well, that’s been awhile ago. Two of the sons left the business for other auto painting ventures. Branden, the oldest son, is still in the shop full time with Gerald.

    "That’s it in a nutshell. If you want more info or just want to see what’s happening, please stop in! We’d be happy to chat." - Branden